Mahmoud Elsheikh Omer

Personal Credo

  • Born in Dec.1932, in Hay Elbosta, Omdurman.
  • Enjoyed a distinguished primary and junior secondary education in the schools of Hay al-Arab, Masalma, al-Ahfad and the Evangelical schools in Omdurman.
  • As was the tradition at that time, he was enlisted in King Faruq’s College, the most celebrated institution for high secondary in Khartoum.
  • After graduation, he joined the Post & Telegraph Department for one year.
  • Soon after, he was enrolled in the College of Veterinary, University of Cairo, he returned to Sudan for personal reasons.
  • Motivated by his responsibility towards his nation, and entertaining such positive conscientious sense for human rights and justice, particularly during the post-colonialism epoch, the late was involved for a long time in the Press, joining Ar-Rayul Aam Daily. His unfailing interest in the world’s stipulations at that time led the late to commit himself to the risky assignment of war correspondence during the joint Anglo-France-Israeli Assault upon the United Arab Republic- the Egyptian Region - throughout 1956. He continued to report from the front the news of Egyptian popular insurgence, thus stirring an outrageous Sudanese Public Opinion via the daily newspaper until he returned to Sudan after the troops’ pullout from the U.A.R.
  • The late joined Cairo University, Khartoum Branch in 1956 and graduated in the College of Law in 1961.
  • Appointed as judge in the Sudan Judiciary, he worked in various regions all over the country, 1961 through 1968.
  • He resigned his post as a First Class Magistrate and joined the Bar Association founding M.E.O & Associates-Advocates in 1968 to be one of the foremost lawyers in Khartoum.
  • He passed away in April 2001.