Mahmoud Elsheikh Omer


Is a law firm located in Khartoum, Sudan. The Law firm of Mahmoud Elsheikh Omer & Associates - Advocates, is a professional law firm that has been dwelling in the legal arena in Khartoum-Sudan since 1968, serving a wide variety of clients, Sudanese and non-Sudanese, ranging from families and individuals to corporations and offering a broad range of legal services. Our commitment to providing excellent services in a professional manner has earned the respect of our clients. Who have honoured us by returning for assistance and referring new ones.

It is a law firm located in Sudan  Khartoum. CORINTHIA hotel, office No 310, PO Box 1569. 

We primarily specialize in areas of:
  • Corporate Law

     Foreign Investment, investment in raw material, Labor Relations, Criminal Cases, Civil damages , Marketing Agreement, Bank/Financial, fund investment, Intellectual Property , debts Collections, Contracts, Foreign Claims, environmental law, traffic violation, arbitration and all Alternative Dispute Resolutions. .

  • Legeal Advisors

    Recently we are working as legal advisors and consultants for many local and international firms