Mahmoud Elsheikh Omer

          It is a law firm located in Khartoum, Sudan. CORINTHIA hotel- Khartoum, office No 310, PO Box 1569, Web

The Law firm of Mahmoud Elsheikh Omer & Associates – Advocates, is a professional law firm that has been dwelling in the legal arena in Khartoum-Sudan since 1968, during this period the law firm welcomed an elegant and outstanding group of advocates and associates that have  high qualifications standard and various experience in all areas of law,  serving a wide variety of clients, Sudanese and non-Sudanese, ranging from families and individuals to corporations and offering a broad range of legal services. Our commitment to providing excellent services in a professional manner has earned the respect of our clients who have honored us by returning for assistance and referring new ones.


Recently we are working as legal advisors and consultants for many local and international firms, such as:

 ii.      Corinthia Khartoum   hotel, (previously- Burj AL-Fateh Hotel).

 iii.      Libyan Arab for foreign investments Co.LTD. (LAFICO).

iv.       Embassy of Saudi Arabia KSA, Khartoum-Sudan.

v.        Embassy of United States of America USA, Khartoum-Sudan. (Examination official documents and providing legal advice).

vi.       Bank of Khartoum (Home Finance Project).

vii.      Global World Bank- Washington DC.

viii.    LAICO LAB investment co. LTD.

ix.       Penguin Trading &Investment CO. LTD.

x.         Sudanese Islamic Insurance Company.

xi.       Irriger Multi Advisory Co. LTD. (Brazilian Investment).

xii.     JUMIL Co – (Brazilian Investment).

xiii.    Novomet Group of Companies (Russian Investment).

xiv.    New Lift Solutions (Russian Investment).

xv.    Green field Investment Co. LTD.

xvi.   Dekock & Kilani Eco. Tourism. Co. LTD.

Our firm has worked as counsel for a number of foreign corporations and companies some of them seized to have business in Sudan among those;

CITIBANK N.A for about twenty years.

Swiss Embassy, Sudan.

Arak Group-Sudan

Al-Niefadi Group

DAL Group

Mashrequ Bank Ltd. Sudan.

Habib Bank Ltd. Sudan since the start of their business in Sudan about 14 and 19 years.

Alimenta S.A.  Geneva. Saducm SA Geneva.

Lafarge -France.

 Jordanian Cement Factories.

Taha El Roubi group of companies, battery manufacturer commercial agents and transporters of goods,

Overseas Private Investment corporation (OPIC) for about three years,

Middle East Bank Ltd. Sudan Branch for about fifteen years.

Recchi Impersit Lodigani (Sudan) a group of Italian Civil Engineers Companies who constructed three bridges in Sudan beside a section of Port Sudan- Khartoum Road, for about twenty years,

Swiss Air, for about fifteen years.

Companies De Constructions Internationals S.A and Companies Françoise D’ enterprises S.A France who have worked jointly in the construction of Jonglei Canal for about eight years,

Petty Ray U.S.A., specialized in geophysical studies, for about twelve years,

Total Exploration, for about three years,

Sogreah France, specialized in geophysical studies for about three years,

Monenco Agra, Canada who carried out the feasibility study for Merowe Multi-purpose Hydro Project, for about three years,

CARGIL INTERNATIONAL Geneva for about three years, and Agricole S.A France in two different deals of lease purchase of aircrafts.

In 1979/ 1980 our firm worked as local legal counsel for a group of 105 International Commercial Banks during the process of the rescheduling of part of Sudan commercial debts.

A number of Sudanese & foreign companies among them ARAK GROUP of companies, bottlers of PEPSI product in Sudan, owners of three bottling factories,

The Sheet Metal Industries Ltd. manufacturers of Admiral Refrigerators and air coolers,

K. A. BODOURIAN & Co. Medicine manufacturers and agent for pharmaceutical products,

Sarkis Izmirilian corporation Ltd. dealers in Agricultural Machineries and Ginning Factories, Sudanese,

 Oil Seeds Processing Co. Ltd. processors of groundnuts,

SUTRAK and DAL GROUP commercial agents of Caterpillar, ABB, DAF Trucks and Mitsubishi Motor Co.,

Compagnie de Constructions Internationale-France

Nokia Corporation of Finland- 

Turkish Airline-Turk Hava Yollari A.O

Euro Star Communication LLC-Dubai

SIES PROSS International-Aseismograph Service Corporation-USA

Dantata Group-Nigeria.

Zina Net Communication

Summit Communications-USA

Veritus Communications-France

Lesaffre International- France

Express Petroleum Nigerian (Sudan Brach) (Operator Block 15-Red Sea)

Dekock Tourism and Resorts Co. ltd. Dutch from Sudanese origins.

United World Company-PANAMA

World Investment News- Madrid

Hyper Resource Investment CO LTD


We also advised many international law firms with regards to local laws and regulatory compliance issues, Such as follows:-

International Lawyers & Legal Advisors- Madrid

Clifford Chance LLP –London- Dubai

Clyde & CO-English law firm- Dubai Branch.

Della Pepper Law firm

Reddy & Company-Attorney at law-Barrister -Malaysia.

Femi Sunmonu & Associates (Solicitors) - Nigeria.

Doss legal advisors &International Investment Co. ltd- Cairo

ARSA law firm- Malaysia.

The Founder:

 He was born in Dec.1932.  Motivated by his responsibility towards his nation, and entertaining such positive conscientious sense for human rights and justice, particularly during the post-colonialism epoch, the late was involved for a long time in the Press, joining Ar-Rayul Aam Daily.  The late joined Cairo University, Khartoum Branch in 1956 and graduated in the College of Law in 1961.   Appointed as judge in the Sudan Judiciary, he worked in various regions all over the country, through 1961 until 1968.    He resigned his post as a First Class Magistrate and joined the Bar Association founding M.E.O & Associates-Advocates in 1968 to be one of the foremost lawyers in Khartoum. He passed away in April 2001. The late was a great and unique bunch of legal, professional and ethical heritage